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IVR Software Guide

IVR software enables users to interact with computer-operated phone systems through pre recorded response messages, speech recognition and keypad selection. Compare the best IVR software currently available using the table below.

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    VoiceGuide IVR

    VoiceGuide IVR

    Katalina Technologies Pty Ltd

    VoiceGuide IVR is a fully featured inbound and outbound interactive voice response (IVR) and automatic call distributor (ACD) created by Katalina Technologies. Highly configurable and easy to deploy, VoiceGuide IVR allows for the creation of rich, omnichannel, and personalized interactive experiences. Available as an on-premise or cloud service, VoiceGuides IVR features a graphical call flow designer tExpand ▾

    Starting Price: $99.00/one-time
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    IVR Edge

    IVR Edge

    Teckinfo Solutions

    Teckinfo Solutions is a India software company that was founded in 1995, and offers a software title called IVR Edge. IVR Edge offers training via documentation, live online, and in person sessions. IVR Edge offers a free trial. IVR Edge is IVR software, and includes features such as call center, call recording, call routing, multiple scripts, phone key input, survey management, text to speech, voice cExpand ▾

    Starting Price: $5000.00/one-time
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    IVR Studio

    IVR Studio

    Voicent Communications

    Voicent Communications is a United States software company that was founded in 2001, and offers a software title called IVR Studio. IVR Studio offers training via documentation, webinars, and live online. IVR Studio offers a free version. IVR Studio is IVR software, and includes features such as call center, call logging, call recording, call routing, multiple scripts, phone key input, survey mExpand ▾

    Starting Price: $799.00/one-time/user
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    Smart IVR

    Smart IVR

    Interactive Powers

    Carrier-grade IVR platform, with exceptional performance, scalability, reliability and application multi-tenancy. Its distributed architecture can efficiently process hundred of simultaneous calls.

    Starting Price: $39/month/port
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    Insight IVR

    Insight IVR

    Parwan Electronics

    Founded in 1984, Parwan Electronics is a software organization based in the United States that offers a piece of software called Insight IVR. The Insight IVR software suite is Windows software. Insight IVR offers 24/7 live support. Insight IVR is IVR software, and includes features such as call center, call logging, call recording, call routing, multiple scripts, phone key input, survey management, text to speech, vExpand ▾

    Starting Price: $2500.00/one-time

IVR : Essential in Customer Service

Interactive voice response (IVR) software enables human interaction with the phone systems via key presses or voice recognition. IVRs are used to automate common enquiries and outbound announcements, without taking up valuable agent time.

Why do you need IVR technology?

Automated self-service

A company can automate customer service by enabling customers to self-serve and retrieve or update information or resolve their problems quickly, without waiting for an agent. Helping customers faster and more efficiently.

Prioritise high-value customers

IVR can be used to identify high-value customers and prioritise routing of those customers to the agents. This can be done by asking the caller to answer qualifying questions, or confirming caller status from information held about them by the company. The "high-value customers" can then be directed to the front of the waiting queue, or routed to better trained agents. So with IVR, you can prioritise value-based calls and not lose any high-value customers due to high traffic.

Personal customer interactions

Personalised greetings and information can be used for each identified customer. Customers will get immediate acknowledgement that the company knows who they are, and what their relationship with the company is. What Is IVR Software?

ACD Front End

IVR systems work alongside automated call distribution systems (ACDs) to route calls to the correct support agent should their needs not be met through the available self-service options. The ACD queue selected by the IVR can depend on information supplied by the caller during their time in IVR, and on information retrieved by the IVR from the company's own records about the customer.

IVR Software Benefits

Speed up agent interactions

IVRs can be used to collect information from caller and present this information to agent at the time call is transferred to agent. This saves agent time, with detailed information relating to the call made visible to agent immediately

Reducing cost

The IVR technology handles most customers at the front, with fewer customers requiring transfer to live agents. This saves costs on: 1- Reducing cost of hiring and training additional agents 2- Reduction ongoing costs of employing the agents.

Add to inbound call capacity

IVR technology allows businesses to handle higher call volume. Additional voice channels are easily deployed and pre-screening the calls ensures the agent time is not wasted by having the calls transferred to other departments, ensuring customers can resolve their queries in the minimum time possible.

IVR Software Features

Increase customer satisfaction

IVR's self-service technology empowers customers, making them feel in control and able to resolve issues quickly. This helps build good customer relations and provides higher customer satisfaction. Delays encountered by customer when waiting for agent affect customer satisfaction negatively.

Build better company image

Self-service IVR system makes your company look more professional and efficient.

IVR equips customers and employees with efficient tools to complete any enquiries quickly and effectively. With optimised IVR technology, you can turn each service interaction into a seamless one while empowering your operators to deliver their best and maintain leadership in customer service and experience.


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